Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's in a Name? This is our Story...

Hi everyone, this is Kitten.  When my sister and I decided to do business together, we both realized that we are a business-partner-match-made-in-heaven!  I never hesitated to start this new endeavor with her because I completely trust her and we both know our strengths and weaknesses.  Growing up together with only a year and a half age gap gave us the "special powers" to read each other's thoughts, finish each other's sentences, and communicate through our eyes without having to utter a single word!  This special bond between us started the day I was born.  My sister was so excited to have a little sister that she accidentally named me "Kitten"... that was what came out of her mouth when she tried to say my name, Christine, in Toddlerese!  The name quickly caught on and next thing you know, everyone called me Kitten and each year, I found this exact name immortalized in icing on each of my birthday cakes... yes, up to now!  I also remember back then that our little brother and I found her name, Katrina, too long (well... t was really an obvious excuse for our lack of skill to say anything more than 2 syllables at that age) that we shortened it to "Nana".

So when my sister and I decided to open our own business, "Kitten and Nana" was our first and ONLY choice... we thought it was perfect!

Here's one of our many photos as children, enjoying each other's company.  When we look at our old photographs, it's amazing how each one triggers a happy memory of our childhood.

Now that we are grown women and have three daughters between us, we hope that the three of them will grow up loving each other as much as we do each other.