Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can you tell we love owls?

We are truly excited about the new products we just added to!  We are now carrying these adorable crocheted owl hats:

We also enjoyed taking photos of the kids wearing them, the tough (and fun!) part was getting all 3 of them to sit still and pose for the camera...

"Where's everyone?"
Wander girl in the background...
"Who turned off the lights!?"

I fired over 70 shots of these 3 girls and I only got one doable advert shot...

But believe it or not, when I was going through the photos, my favorite ones were actually the first three above.  It was so fun looking at them and they surely brought a smile to my face.

So, if any of you are owl-addicts like we are, go ahead and check these cute hats out at our store!  It comes in 4 different designs for both girls and boys, and also comes in 3 sizes.

Of course, we are not leaving the grown-ups behind.  We also added something for you to enjoy...

This owl necklace is really cute and is perfect for the coming fall/winter.  It comes with a 32-inch chain so you can easily wear it over thick sweaters!  I always get compliments when I wear this necklace so we made it available here at Kitten and Nana.



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Nicole said...

I LOVE these owl hats! I know just the little girls who would adore these, which means I will have to look into purchasing one for them :)

And that owl necklace - I found one at a local boutique here in Portland and absolutely love it for the Fall!

Stopping by from FTLOB!