Friday, August 5, 2011

100 Facebook Fans!

We have Just reached 100 fans on Facebook!  We are very proud to hit this milestone on our 5th day of operation. Thank you so much for your support.  Our next goal? 200 fans!   We will try to come up with something fun like another giveaway when we hit 200. So please help us spread the word!

So what else is going on...

Our $25 giveaway is doing quite well.  We asked our fans to give us suggestions on what they want to see us sell at in the future, and we are getting good response.  Join in if you want to win $25 to our store!  The contest is open through August 11 and we will randomly draw a winner on the 12th.  One suggestion = one entry, there is no limit on the suggestions so keep them coming. The more suggestions, the more chances of winning!

Anyway, we were contacted this morning by one of our fans on Facebook about a cause that she is supporting.  She asked us if we could help spread the word about a little girl trying to raise money by this fall to acquire an allergy alert service dog.  This little girl, Ginny, is fatally allergic to peanuts and was ordered by the doctor to avoid any group activities.  If she eats peanuts, touches a surface or breathes anything with peanut particles, she will have an fatal anaphylactic allergic reaction if not treated within minutes! Let's help this little girl by donating or spreading the word!  You can learn more about peanut allergy here and you can go to Ginny's website by clicking here.  Thanks in advance!

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