Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Introducing the Rose Bouquet Felt Headbands

Rose Bouquet Felt Headbands in Heather Gray, Hot Pink and Yellow

My sister, Nana, fell in love with a couple of my daughter's headbands that we got when we were on vacation a few of months ago.  After months of trying to get our hands on the felt headbands with no luck, my sister decided to use those headbands as inspiration and created the Rose Bouquet Felt headbands.  They are now available at www.kittenandnana.com!  The colors above are my favorite though if you want to add a little spunk, this one could be perfect for you:

Zebra and Fuchsia Combination

This collection comes in 9 different colors, all solid with the exception of the Zebra and Fuchsia combination above.  She PASSIONATELY handcrafted each and every headband with love... I must share though that she even got burnt by the glue gun at one point while making these.  My poor sis!

Show her some love and check out these headbands at our store!


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