Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Corduroy Owl Clips-- Perfectly Imperfect!

We just added some cute corduroy owl clips to our store today. These perfectly imperfect clips are made by me and my sister, Nana.

I say that they are "imperfect" because they are personally made by us... though we like to think that we are clip-making-professionals, the truth is we are not... but our goal is to be one, and I think we will get there quite soon!

making them with love...

Now, I say "perfect" because each clip is made with love.  If you factor in the love, joy and excitement generated while making these clips, then you have a clip made to perfection!  The unevenness of the outlines, cut by our bare hands using our cheap crafts scissors, add character to these clips... yeah!

You know what else makes these clips extra special?  We named them after some of our childhood family pets that we loved so dear... Whiskey, Muffin, Ziggy and Kiwi... Aaah Kwi, he was our dad's favorite!

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